To complement this collection, All Around Experts are high-performance solutions designed to enhance each Technoblend and individual skincare regimen. Ideal for all ages and skin types, these specialists are formulated with superior ingredients for optimal results, providing the extra support skin needs to correct past damage, and protect cells from future environmental aggressors and stresses.

Targeted, solution-specific formulas continuously working throughout the day to correct the signs of aging, while hydrating and strengthening the protective hydro-lipid barrier, facilitating optimal cellular function. Formulated to protect and correct skin from both internal and external causes of dehydration, this dynamic ingredient cocktail quenches the thirst of dry, stressed skin. Renews Natural Moisturizing Factors essential for proper skin function, provides long-lasting comfort while smoothing roughness and dry spots, and restores elasticity.

Exceptional and effective botanical extracts from hardy, but water-challenged plants, naturally have the ability to sustain moisture, even in the harshest conditions. Glasswort extract stimulates the synthesis of Aquaporins and reduces Transepidermal Water Loss, boosting hydration and moisture retention, while Trehalose protects skin fibroblasts and fortifies supportive tissues, improving necessary cell cohesion in critical Tight Junctions (TJ) for firm luminous skin. Immediately skin is quenched and softened with Cottonseed Oil Lipids, while lifted and smoothed with Oat Polysaccharides

Glasswort Extract - Restructures and strengthens the protective barrier, boosting moisture retention and restoring essential NMF

Trehalose - Stabilizes skin structure and retains moisture, maintaining hydration even in the harshest environments

Cottonseed Oil Lipids - Restores and improves cell cohesion while reducing inflammation, smoothing and relaxing tightness